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Classes terraria

When you enter the game, you can select out of 4 classes: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer or Sniper. Each has their own advantage and disadvantage, so choose carefully. While each class has their own special default weapon, they all start with the High Power Pistol. Executor knife and the R26.

Soldier class, and is a well-balanced, all-round combat role. Riflemen should not be mistaken for mere "grunts,", and provide the core firepower needed to advance the cause of their team. Sustained mid to long-range firepower, matched by the ability to throw a variety of different grenade types and use grenade launchers, makes the Rifleman a versatile asset. These soldiers also have the unique ability to carry ammo packs, allowing them to replenish ammo for themselves and their teammates – a quality that is especially important in long cooperative missions.

Weapon Rifleman use Assault rifles. which are balanced versatile weapons that support a wide range of extensions and modifications available. Special Rifleman carry Ammo packs which allow them to refill the ammo of themselves or their teammates. Default Weapon The default weapon is the R4A1. Tactics

The Engineer fulfills three major roles on the battlefield. First of all, Engineers can lay explosive claymores to secure areas and stop enemies in their tracks. Their second role is as a supply man; repairing damaged armor for both teammates and themselves. Finally, Engineers are very skillful with explosives, enabling them to plant or defuse bombs faster than other players. The Engineer's main weapon is an SMG, which is ideal for medium to short-range combat.

The engineer class is unlocked after you have progressed to rank 5 (Cadet 2nd class). After unlocking the class, you go through a tutorial like you do at the start with the rifleman and sniper class.

Weapon Engineers wield Sub-machine guns. which fire rapidly but are inaccurate at long range. Special Engineers carry claymores which explode when an enemy passes nearby. They also carry Armor kits which allow them to repair the armor of themselves or teammates. Default Weapon The default weapon is the Z84 SMG. Tactics Use claymores in front of doors or on street corners to retain the element of surprise; help your teammates survive longer in critical situations by restoring their armor.

When performing their job effectively, Snipers are a deadly unseen force that can frustrate enemy plans with a single bullet. Able to fire further and with greater accuracy than any other class of soldier, these silent assassins should seek out concealed locations from which to pick-off opponents with their rifle. At close-range, Snipers are no match for well-trained enemy soldiers. But then again, a good sniper will never let the enemy get too close.

Weapon Snipers use sniper rifles to pick off foes from a distance. Special Snipers do not carry any special equipment, instead rely completely on their accuracy and range. Default Weapon The default weapon is the SVK. Tactics Use height and zoom mode to your advantage; keep your enemies guessing by relocating through the firing line, which makes you difficult to spot.

Medic's can make the difference in winning and losing a game. They have the unique ability to revive dead teammates for a certain period of time as well as heal them. This can mean a Medic can give teammates a second chance to get revenge. They also have the added power of having high damage short range weapons that can take out a team. The key to being a medic is remain in tight turns and be there for your teammates.

Weapon Medics use shotguns to destroy enemies at close range. Special Medics have a defibrillator and heal pack that can revive or heal fellow teammates. Default Weapon The default weapon is the Richmond 770. Tactics Either rush and take out as many enemies as you can or play slow, wait for the enemies to come to you and keep your teammates fully healed.

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